Mom’s Pink Jello Salad

This is my favorite side any time of year, but now that Thanksgiving is approaching I am going to share my favorite recipes for the spread. I was planning on making Thanksgiving dinner here, but I don’t need to do that anymore. (My husband is not a fan so I can have Thanksgiving whenever I want.)
If your from the Valley (Utah Valley) or Idaho then jello is involved at almost every meal. My kids aren’t quite fans yet although they love the color and most of the things in it, I can’t get them to eat fruit! My mom makes this whenever I come home.

Mom’s Pink Jello Salad

A small package of red jello (pref. strawberry or raspberry)
A large container of Cool Whip
A large container of cottage cheese
A can of pineapple (chucks or tidbits, drained)
A can of fruit cocktail (drained)
A bag of marshmallows

Dump cottage cheese into a very large bowl and then pour the jello on top. Stir and set aside. (I just set this aside to make sure all the fruit is completely drained or the salad separates)
Stir in fruit and marshmallows. Carefully fold in cool whip. (don’t use a metal spoon and stir gently so cool whip stays nice and fluffy)

I am pretty sure that’s all there is too it. I have made it in the past with berry blue jello…It came out turquoise, no one ate it, and it just wasn’t the same. Guess that’s why it’s called Pink Jello Salad I am the only one here at home that eats this salad…I guess you can half it all, but I eat it for every meal for a week! When I master the cooking for just a few I’ll let you know.


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  1. JDaniel4's Mom

    This sounds awesome! A pink dish for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  2. karenmed409

    Keep those recipes coming! I am not the best cook, but this looks so easy.

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