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It is that time again…The time that moms put themselves out there to ask for help. I did it last year and I was selected to be put through bootcamp with my husband by my side. These moms need your support. They have opened themselves up for the opportunity to better themselves and their families. I like to call it checking yourself out naked. Please tweet out your support. Let these women know that you stand behind them, besides them, and with them in the fight to win back their lives and prevent obesity in their homes.

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Changing my lifestyle has always been something that I had thought about. I just didn’t really know how to do and when I did know how to do it I wasn’t motivated to stick with it. I really don’t believe I am alone when it comes to my mindset. We live in a world that wants immediate satisfaction and weight loss and lifestyle change don’t happen overnight.

The number one thing that I know I needed was motivation. My motivation started with my need to avoid surgery, but I became pregnant during Move it and Lose it during campaign 6. Eventually my body gave out on me and I ended up on bedrest for the last month of my pregnancy. Because my level of pain was so high it elevated my sugars and I was given insulin and forced to control my diet. The KEY word…FORCED. I changed my diet at 34 weeks and lost almost 20 pounds before I delivered my baby at 37 weeks.

But after I delivered my baby I still couldn’t walk. I was FORCED to have my back fused with rods and screws. This surgery was the answer I needed to make me get off that couch/bed and get moving. Without the walking and the core strengthening workouts I would not be able to walk. I had my children as my big motivation to change my lifestyle. My husband’s support to make these changes has been a godsend.

Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to healthy lifestyle?

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  1. Wow! I couldn’t imagine going through such major back surgery! Major kudos to you for working through the pain and getting up and continuing your lifestyle change!! You are definitely an inspiration! <3

  2. I don’t know that I knew your whole story. Thank you for sharing, and for your amazing support. You and your fused back are an awesome pair of support to me.

  3. You’re such an inspiration. Honestly. I can’t wait to cheer on these ladies!

  4. You are such a strong woman – physically and emotionally too. I am very happy to see how well you have progressed through all your back issues.

  5. It’s amazing that what you’ve been through the last year hasn’t taken away any motivation — and I’m totally thankful for you and the Mamavation sistahood to keep me motivated just like you were. Thank you so much for your support!

  6. You are ROCK, girl! I love seeing your awesome progress and being an inspiration to others. XO

  7. You are a huge inspiration around the mamavation community and to me. Thanks for being you!

  8. Marie Nichols

    wow.. you have been through a lot girl.. keep it up. You do know YOU are an inspiration to women out there. Have a great week! :)

  9. Wow, you have been through a lot on your journey. I agree with you that in a society where we all want instant gratification it is so easy to get down on ourselves for the time it takes to accomplish weight loss and lifestyle-changing goals. I know that I get discouraged by how long it can take for the positive changes to really take effect. It is wonderful that you have such a supportive husband – sometimes that makes all the difference! I am headed over to check out your story as a Mamavation Mom in Campaign 10 :)

    • Jessie, it is so hard to not seeing things go quickly. I have to remind myself I didn’t get this size overnight. It can be so hard to get my husband on board, but its finally happened and I’ve been so grateful.

  10. Shannon @Aries_Mommy

    Megan, your strength and determination continues to inspire me. You rocked your campaign :)

  11. You amaze me every single day! You really are an inspiration! Thank you for your guidance and support. I am thankful and proud to know you!

  12. Andrea Emilien (@AndreaEmilien)

    I am so glad you are going to be a mentor because whoever does make Mamavation Mom is going to learn so much from you!

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