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My ultimate goal on vacation was sleeping in. I had such a strong desire to leave all my cares behind and drift off to dreamland and enjoy being far away from responsibility. I carefully planned our vacation around the perfect places to stay. We reserved a suite in Vale, Co that was lush and beautiful. It was only an overnight, but the type of place that I wished we had been at longer. Even the carpet was nice enough to go barefoot!

Our second stay was in Southern Utah at my grandparent’s home. They had a beautiful king comforter set that really set the mood for a relaxing vacation. After along day of playing out in the water and shopping it was nice to feel like we were in a hotel instead of back on the farm that I grew up on.  Even the hide a bed had some cute decorative pillows for the kids.

Our last special place to stay was the Bed and Breakfast that we honeymooned at. The Inn Keepers were excited to see us back because we were their very first customers. They were excited to tell us about the brand new bedding they had purchased. It was a beautiful red, cream and blue theme. I would love to find the exact same bedding. It was gorgeous. I am hoping she bought everything with a great discount. I can’t imagine buying new luxury bedding for 9 rooms!

Being away on vacation has made me realize that I need to purchase new sheets. I find that the biggest issue with doing that is the size. We own a California King bed. I love the length because I can scoot far down into the bedding, but I can’t find them in regular stores. I have a wonderful 1000TC Egyptian cotton sheets and the price is just scary to replace them. They are the same sheets that are used in a luxury hotel in Dubai. I should just order a new set since mine have begun to pull apart at the seams and I know where to purchase affordable luxury.

Have you had a hotel experience that has left you wanting more? Or have you broke down and purchased luxury items from them yourself?

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  1. Native Girl

    I have always loved Hotel bedding! I have no idea what it is, but I always sleep so well. I am ready for a vacation myself.

  2. Dereck and I stayed at Treasure Island in Vegas and I swore that before I died, I would own that bedding. The sheets were so smooth…oye. Just remembering them makes me sad to go get in my bed. lol

  3. It is amazing how your bedding and sheets can help your sleep. My husband and I stayed at a hotel many years ago that had the most amazing sheets. When we registered for our bedding we made sure to register for the good stuff because of that hotel!

    • We registered for some nice sheets before we got married and received 2 sets, but being so young and unaware we returned them for super ones…big mistake, oops.

  4. Shelloy

    I love staying at Hotels. The bedding is always much nicer than what I have at home. There are two hotels nearby that I have amazing reviews of the beds and bedding…can’t wait to stay at them! :)

  5. Its funny, I just saw this article after chasing down a pair of sheets from a B&B. My husband and I stayed at this gorgeous little Bed and Breakfast in Maine for a week, and after we got home we both agreed that we had never slept better than on those sheets! I ended up calling them back, and it turns out they were from Thomas Lee. The best sheets ever, just ordered a pair! If you want hotel sheets not from a hotel, I would recommend them. I think they are only available online at

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