Building Relationships and Bonding with Kids

dad with daughter in waterYour child is probably one of the most important people in your life. From the minute they were born, you’ve watched them change and grow into the incredible young person that they are, and you’ve watched as your relationship with them has only grown stronger as time has passed.

However, slowly but surely, your kids are going to grow up. You may begin to feel a bit disconnected from them. While you can try to talk about  individual issues as they come, your relationship with your child is much like going to the gym: you have to work at it every day to see results. If you don’t know how to start building a stronger connection with your kids, or if you just want to bond with them a bit more, try out some of these things and see how your relationship grows.

Make an effort to spend real quality time with them.
Too often, it’s easier to sit down in front of the TV and watch a show with your family, rather than
speak to them for two hours straight. While some family activities can help you in developing
your relationship with your little ones, you have to make a conscious effort in choosing these
activities – you can’t just sit them down in front of the telly and expect your bond to grow stronger!
Try to pick activities like cooking together, or going for a walk. You’ll be able to communicate with
your child and have some one-on-one time; on top of that, your kid will know there is a moment
in each day that is shared between the two of you – and that’s pretty special.

Don’t tell too many white lies
It’s fine to tell your kids that the tooth fairy exists, but you have to know when to draw the line
when it comes to white lies. Lying about Santa is one thing; lying about a decision to move or a
separation and child support is another. Try to be as honest with your children as possible, and
don’t take their intelligence for granted. Your children will be more likely to trust you and come to
you with problems when they’re older if you are honest with them now.

Help them understand themselves
Sometimes the best way to build a relationship with your child is to help them with another
relationship first: their relationship with themselves. Kids can often be uncertain of who they are
or where they stand in this great big world; if you can help in any way, you should. Think of it this
way: the more you help your little one find out who they are, the stronger an understanding you
have of their character and the stronger a connection the two of you will share.

Brought to you by Stephanie Rogers, a freelance writer and mother who loves playing Scrabble with her daughter. Her hubby absolutely hates it though (but he always loses anyway).

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