Simply Snackin Jerky Review

Let me tell you why you should know about Simply Snackin Jerky in this simple straight forward review.

I grew up in a city where there was a large beef jerky manufacturer. It was some of the very best beef jerky in quality and flavor, but then they sold the business and jerky was never the same again.

Simply Snackin Jerky is far more amazing than any jerky I have ever had to date!

It was so amazing that I emailed the owner at 2am, post workout, about fueling up on the awesomeness of the blueberry & cranberry beef sirloin jerky with only 60 calories!

beef, cranberry, and blueberry jerky

Simply Snackin Jerky is bursting with flavor, moist, tender, high quality, gluten-free (4 varieties), and natural ingredients. They are a small business based out of Oshkosh, WI. I noticed that the jerky has less sodium content than traditional jerky and less sugar. Simply Snacking jerky is unique because they add 20% dried fruit, spices or cheeses. The words artisan, treat and gourmet are used when describing these amazing combinations of meat snacks and they most certainly are artisan, gourmet treats of meat. Simply Snackin offers six different varieties of flavors. I personally love the sirloin jerky, but the chicken isn’t far behind. My very favorite is teriyaki beef with pineapple.

I was saving one of each flavor to take a picture after I tried them, but one afternoon I discovered a few empty jerky wrappers in the playroom tucked into a few toys. While no one will confess, the kids are in love with the jerky also. I was worried the fruit would be a turn off for them, but they have mowed through the packages without any turned up noses. We only had one flavor that was too intense for us, but it was very flavorful and tasty. The chicken with black bean salsa is packing some warm heat. I would say probably medium salsa strength. I generally lean towards sweets so the spicy was something I was not ready for and I had a milk chaser to cool my tongue (haha).

My husband and I agree that this is the best we have ever had. The price is awesome too so you can bet our pantry will always be stocked. Jerky has a great shelf life and it also travels well. I never know when I am going to get hung up waiting for kids and have someone that needs a snack. Jerky is a staple on long car trips. We also plan on sending out jerky to our friends and family members for birthday gifts.  Who wouldn’t love a gift box of dried meat?!

Ordering is easy to do online at and you can choose from several different assortments or single flavors.
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What will your favorite flavor of Simply Snackin jerky be?

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Disclaimer: We received samples in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.
Photo taken from Simply Snackin site.

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  1. I’m cracking up that the kids got into them! lol I’d like to try the one with apples and cherries!

  2. I am not a jerky fan, but my husband loves it. I’ll have to get some for him to check out!

  3. Less sodium and sugar is a good reason for me to give it a try!

  4. I have been hearing more and more about jerky lately. Never thought about trying it. Sounds interesting. Love your photo!

  5. I WANT! I WANT! I love jerky and it’s so hard to find GOOD quality jerky. I am really wanting to try the beef assorted so I can taste all of them and then stock up on my favorites! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kathryn C.

    Sounds like a wonderful healthy snack. I will check and see if I can get it in my area. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I can’t even tell you how much I love jerky. I really have to avoid the section at Costco because I would buy it all. I am definitely going to check this out although if I become addicted, I blame you. :)

  8. The only jerky my husband will eat is from Maine – his Mom special orders it and sends it to him on special occasions – I’m totally gonna’ get some of this and switch it out and see how he reacts!

  9. That sounds amazing! I have never had jerkey that is mixed with fruits or even veggies. That sounds wonderful! Here in Southern Illinois Jerky is a staple for most of the hunters! I HAVE to get my hands on some of this! Awesome!!!

  10. Mmmm…love me some jerky!

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