XTrain Cardio Leg Blast Review

xtrain cardio leg blast100 Scarecrow Challenge

Yep you heard read me. It’s a crazy challenge to work on some delicate muscle area in the shoulders on the XTrain Cardio Leg Blast DVD I received fromCathe at XTrain. To be honest I freaked out a little bit when I opened the envelope and read Cardio Leg Blast. It’s like Cathe was in my head! How did they know I love the lower body workouts and I needed some cardio to go with that?!

The reason I mentioned the scarecrow challenge because I was immediately drawn to that challenge because I’ve been lifting weights daily because muscle burns fat faster. Okay, I really needed to work on this area for a major tiling project (60 linear feet) I was doing this weekend. Fitness totally comes into play when the words “kitchen makeover” are used. If you have never done a kitchen makeover expect to be doing a lot of squats, lifting, bending, lunging, and a lot of hours on your feet. Stamina Stamina Stamina!


If you have ever worked out with me, which most of you haven’t, then you know that squats and lunges are my game. Pair that with some intense energy and some weights and you have Cardio Leg Blast.

XTrain’s new Cardio Leg Blast consists of traditional weighted exercises followed by plyometric exercises to develop power and explosive strength as well as tight and toned legs.

I like that you can chose the weight that is right for your fitness level, but be prepared for a butt woopin if you haven’t been keeping up with your workouts. If you chose weights that are too heavy then you will know pretty fast. If you chose a weight that is too light then you won’t be feeling the burn. Cardio Leg Blast can be done in less than an hour from warm up to cool down. The DVD also has bonus workouts that are short so you can alter your days throughout the week. The time on those bonus workouts are much shorter and target different areas.

I love that Cardio Leg Blast reminded me to get my butt in gear. I’ve gotten lax at keeping up with my lower body and core workouts like I did the first year after my back fusion. I’ve been resting in my comfort zone too long. I’ve noticed that I don’t get winded when I am putting my 4 miles in on the treadmill or an hour on the elliptical since I started using the DVD just 3 weeks ago. I even fit into a pair of jeans at my favorite boutique!
If hot legs aren’t your thing then check out the entire DVD collections and select a series or zone that is perfect for you. Cathe has been doing this since 1988 so you now she has you covered!

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Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my honest review from XTrain and #FitFluential.
Photo Credit: XTrain Cardio Leg Blast taken from Xtrain website.

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  1. Love your tile job! I’ll take those canisters too. I don’t know why, but leg work outs get the best of me..

  2. Cute kitchen! Umm anyways oh yeah leg workouts lol….I like them but my knees can get pretty achy because I played as a catcher in baseball and softball too many years

  3. I’ve always had strong legs, so I prefer leg work outs as well..at least I can keep up that part of me from high school, lol.

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