Weekend Kitchen Makeover

I need a kitchen makeover. After two years my kitchen was in dire need of a facelift. A drab 1998 kitchen complete with pale peach Formica and oak wood trim was enough to uninspire even the best of cooks. I decided I must embark on a weekend makeover kitchen project. Something I could do all on my own.

kitchen makeover

I tend to be a last minute sort of gal, so exactly 4 days before a party I was having I decided that it would be the perfect time to rip apart my kitchen and paint and tile. I mean who doesn’t make a mess when they want a clean house?

My original plan was to tile the backs splash to give the kitchen a pop of color and a much needed update. The day before my husband was leaving town I asked him to pry off the Fromica ledge along the wall. I could have done it myself, but I wanted him to feel invested in the project. As he removed all the pieces we discovered that the builder had drilled every 12 inches, one inch away from the wall with two screws through the top of the counters. I think my jaw hit the floor. Now what was I going to do?!!

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! I overnighted a box of Giani Granite paint. I patched the holes, sanded the wood, washed the counters, and began to follow the steps of the kit. I was home alone with four kids and was able to finish this project in 2 days. The longest part of the project was drying times.

counter process of kitchen makeover

The hardest part of the kitchen makeover project was the last step of the paint process. The topcoat. That step is difficult. Had my husband been home he would have taken a picture of me on all fours on the counter by the sink trying to get smooth even strokes across the areas that I was too short to reach.

On day 3 I put up all the tile. I think this step of the kitchen remodel was the most labor intensive. A lot of leaning and measuring and pushing and cutting. I chose to work with sheets of tile. bandaid cut over tile projectIt went fairly quick except the areas with outlets. In a kitchen most area has outlets.

I also learned that you should never tile barefoot if you have been cutting glass tile and never lean on the area that you cut the tile. Ouch!


kid standing on counter

There were some more mishaps with this tile project that set me back a bit on my timeline. Another post perhaps. I could have had the whole kitchen remodel finished in a weekend had it not been for them. The only step I didn’t get done before the party was the grout. No one noticed.

Since the kitchen remodel, we have had more fun and more cooking going on in the kitchen. Instead of feeling like a dark dated kitchen it is bright and pretty.

Kitchen Makeover breakdown:

3 boxes of Tile $92 (on sale)
Box of Counter top paint $78
Glass tile cutter $12
Tile adhesive & Grout $30
Trowel $2
Total cost around $215

What project is on your to do list?

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  1. Wow! It looks great!

  2. I’ve been eyeing the tile sheets that they have at Home Depot and trying to figure out if it’s something that I really want to tackle or not. My kitchen needs a makeover in the worst way that’s for sure!

  3. I think doing that was positively brilliant! I still think I’d hire someone to do it for me though. :)

  4. I bow down to you…what talent! I wouldn’t know where to start.

  5. You did an awesome job!! It looks great, and you did for very little cost too.

  6. I think you did such a fantastic job! Looks great!!

  7. Wow that looks amazing! I would of never guessed that was paint! 4 kids… alone and only spending $215… amazing!

  8. Great job! I am always afraid to begin big projects. I still need to finish papering all the cabinets in my kitchen. Lol.

  9. Wow! That’s awesome! I’ve been so curious about the countertop stuff and how it would really look. Yours looks great!!

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