Weight Watchers 360 Review {Plan for Success}

This is my second month of the Weight Watchers 360° review. I was given a 3 month membership to Weight Watchers 360° program to review on my own as a member of the Fitspiration For Moms in return for my honest opinion.
People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

weight watchers 360 review imageWeight Watchers 360° Review {Plan for Success}

To be honest last month the title for my post would have been plan to fail. Not because Weight Watchers 360 doesn’t work, but because my attitude towards food was so negative. I love food, but I hate to eat it. I just couldn’t get over staring at such a large point value for my day and trying to figure out how to eat that much food.

Today I can honestly say that I have gotten over my mental negativity to plan for success using the Weight Watchers 360° program. I have read articles provided by Weight Watchers on the mobile app like No-Mess Meals and How to Raise Healthy Kids. I’ve been using the bar code scanning app to scan foods for accurate numbers. I’ve been watching my friends enjoy yummy recipes from Weight Watchers. I’ve gotten past the number of points to focus on my meal planning and eating.

I sat down a few days ago and planned out everything…I mean EVERYTHING! I based my food on a clean eating plan and didn’t worry about the numbers because most of my meals contained a lot of vegetables. In the Weight Watchers 360° program most fruits and vegetables are zero points. I started tracking my points and was surprised that I hit my points perfectly the first day. Who would have thought purposely thinking about your meals would be so effective? Oh, that’s right Weight Watchers encourages that.

I sat down with my doctor to discuss my weight and she was really impressed with the Weight Watchers 360° program. She has seen some good results obviously because she wasn’t worried about doing anything special with my weight issues. It seems that if you put in the effort then you will actually reap some rewards. I finally put in a real effort with a goal in mind and I am seeing the results. I have already lost a pound this week and I have only just begun getting myself together.

grid of food

What I love during my second month on the Weight Watchers 360° Program using the Mobile App:

  • Spaces and Places – planning ahead for the day, being prepared
  • Shopping List – enter and item and check it off, so easy
  • Routines – things to work on daily, building habits
  • Tracking – taking pictures of food I eat
  • Articles – information without having to look for it, so helpful
  • Mobile Scanning App – track food with labels so you don’t have to calculate anything

What I don’t love during my second month on the Weight Watchers 360° Program using the Mobile App:

  • The learning curve to figure out where to find everything.
  • The way fitness is organized makes it confusing.
  • You have to have internet connection to add items.
  • That it took me this long to dedicate myself to the program, but that’s just me.

My over all feeling is Weight Watchers 360° has helped me to realize that I haven’t been eating enough food to support my active lifestyle. It also makes tracking my calories so much easier than other calorie type apps that I have used. My plan is to stick with the program after my 3 month review is up because it keeps me accountable.

Disclaimer: To be clear I received a free 3 month membership to Weight Watchers as a member of FitspirationForMoms.com in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I feel like I’m the only person I know that’s never tried Weight Watchers, lol. Great review!

  2. I love those eye openers, like the one you mentioned here about needing to eat more to support your active lifestyle. That’s why these programs can be such a big help!

  3. I love that you put pros and cons. It does sound like a great app especially to track calories but it’s good to know there is a learning curve.

  4. At least you finally committed, and I’m with you on learning curves on things. I’m so slow to adapt because I’m stubborn that way. Good luck!

  5. Completely agree with your pros and cons! I’m doing WW right now too!

  6. I love that they have an app – it makes everything so much easier!

  7. The Weight Watchers Mobile app for iOS and Android enables the user to gain access to such features as the ability to track your food, weight and activity, access your spaces and routines tool, use the snap and track feature to capture and share delicious food moments, and review your weight-loss progress with an interactive chart.

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