Weight Watchers 360 Review {The End}

This is the final month of the Weight Watchers 360 Review that was provided by Weight Watchers as a member of Fitspriation For Moms. They were kind enough to provide a three month online membership for me to review the Weight Watchers 360 program.
People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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I have done pretty good at tracking all my food and menu planning over the last month. I decided that I was really having a tough time losing weight on the program because I was just not eating enough to keep up with my intense workout regimen.  I decided since my Weight Watchers 360 review was in the final stages that I would head into a in person meeting while on vacation to see if the in person approach would help me over this stumbling block.

In this last month I lost 18lbs. I followed an outlined menu plan and stopped my workouts to Reset. I also tracked my food. I thought there would be no way on this program that I would hit all my points. I was wrong. Weight Watchers 360 does not count points for most fruits and vegetables. Even though my menu plan was set to be a reduced calorie meal plan, I was hitting all my points easily with healthy foods. I even hit the points on the vegetarian plan with the healthy fats and starchy vegetables. That’s when I knew I had not figured out what I needed to do when I started my workouts again. When I asked at the meeting last week, the leader told me it would be a trial and error process, but I should not let myself feel deprived.

weight watchers 360 phone appI signed up to continue on with the Weight Watchers 360 program because it is really helping me to track my food. I love the online tools that come with the program when you buy the monthly pass because I live on my smart phone. The online app is my life saver. I rarely lose my phone so it is the perfect place to track everything. I feel like every single day I find a new thing to use on the mobile app. I didn’t even realize this page was there until 2 weeks ago, but how awesome is it to have a place to check this stuff off at?!

I talked last month about working on goal setting. This month I was able to accomplish all of the two goals I set daily. I am pretty darn proud of myself for that and will continue to add more healthy living goals to my daily list. It really has helped to have Weight Watchers support the “slow and steady” aspect of the routine. Did I mention these goals have helped me fit into pants 2 sizes smaller than I could before?!

I am headed back to a meeting tomorrow morning and I am hoping I have not gained anything out here on vacation. I am back to working out 90minutes to two hours a day again. I am hoping that all the tracking and adding more food to my daily food allowance has helped me keep the scale moving down.

What I have loved about Weight Watchers 360 program:

  • The Mobile App
  • No points for fruits and vegetables
  • Articles that I can read from my phone.
  • Did I mention the phone aspect?
  • Calculating points for my own recipes.

What I didn’t love about Weight Watchers 360 program:

  • The mobile app learning curve: It seemed to be all over the place and nothing was clearly marked. I think it took me a week to figure out where to track my activity because I didn’t expect it to be in the same place when I tracked my food.
  • I didn’t care for the online only because I can’t hold myself accountable like I thought I could. I am sure this clearly works for others, but I learned a lot about myself. (Maybe I should add that to like too.)

Weight Watchers 360 is a very proven and tested program. They don’t tell you what you can and can’t have, but the encourage you to eat healthy and move often. Going to the in person meeting opened a lot of doors to use the mobile app more efficiently for me. I learned what symbols represented power foods, different tools that can be used to move more and the support that lifetime members can offer. I really have fallen in love with the Weight Watchers 360 Program.

Have you given Weight Watchers 360 Program a try? What do you think?

Disclosure: A 3 month online membership was provided by Weight Watchers in exchange for my honest review of the Weight Watchers 360 program. All opinions are my own.


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