Sleeping with Strangers {Attend a Blogging Conference}

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Sleeping with strangers. It’s fun. I highly recommend hopping in bed with someone that you don’t know.

Sleeping with strangers isn’t something that you think you would hear me say. Maybe it is because we have never met in person or maybe it is because I haven’t been around to talk about what I am doing in my free time. I’m sorry for that.

yellow hotel room

As a blogger, I have had the opportunity to attend several conferences in the past year. I know I may have led you in by shocking you a bit…just something that I picked up at a conference a few months ago…but these conferences are a great time to meet new people. Sharing a room or even a bed with someone that you haven’t met yet is a great way to make some fast friends. Sleeping with strangers is fun.

I am not shy. Alright, I will admit from the time I decide to go, make plans, get on a plane and arrive that I am nervous…out of my mind nervous! I panic about missing my flight, not knowing anyone, not sitting by anyone and even getting home. My husband reassures me that I will make it and so far, every single time I have made it. I lived. It didn’t kill me. Yet (EFT anyone? That’s a blog post for another day). I’m okay.

I understand if you are reserved, shy, or whatever you stance is that sleeping with strangers will be hard, but I am still highly recommending branching out and filling your room up with at least one new person. After all you only live once and hat kind of stories do you want to tell? Do you want to tell your kids that you never lived and that you never did anything fun?

I can tell my kids that I have shared a top bunk with a girl I met in the Chicago Airport on my way to Tennessee. That is had a brief cuddle with a girl that grew up not far from where we live right now down in Texas. All strangers.

I know it is crazy, but I imagine my funeral as one of those that my family gets to see how many friends I have really made throughout my time here n earth. Something similar to the movie Big Fish.

Steps for Sleeping with Strangers:

  1. Pick a conference that sparks your interests, purchase the ticket and arrange travel.
  2. Join the facebook group or other forum the attendees are using.
  3. Ask for roommates or answer someone else looking for one.
  4. Attend the event and have fun getting to know your new friends.

It seems so simple because it is. You can do it!

So what are you waiting for?
Enrich your life when you attend a blogging conference. Sign up and start sleeping with strangers.

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  1. I’d love to go to a conference sometime when my son is a little older and I have more freedom of free time to myself.

  2. Agreed. It’s awkward at first but it’s a very welcoming community so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

  3. I love going to conferences and meeting new people. And, although we are strangers, it seems that blogging has given a common bond. I love the title of your post!

    • Thanks Kerri, I questioned it at first, but I kept repeating it all weekend at Fitbloggin, so I had to use it. I have never had an unfriendly roomy yet.

  4. When the guys arrive, we show them around—where the coffee is, the snack stuff, the TV. One time, when somebody spilled something and I got out the mop and started mopping, a guy I’d met there before and talked with a lot told me to stop. “We can clean up our own messes,” he said and grabbed the mop from me. “You just relax. Fix yourself something to eat.” He nodded at the sandwich stuff. “I mean it,” he smirked, playing with me, and pointed very pointedly at the sandwich stuff. “All right, all right!” I laughed. He laughed too and went back to mopping. I made myself a sandwich and one for him, and when he finished with the mop, he sat down beside me. We ate our sandwiches together and we talked.

  5. I am actually at a conference right now and sharing a room with a blogger I know well. There have been many times though that I bunked with people I had only previously known online.

  6. I’m the same way – I always get clammed up and PRAY that I’ll meet someone with whom I click. These are GREAT suggestions!!

  7. You’re braver than I am because I have always arranged to room with people I’ve had a friendship with online for a while. BUT that being said, I still prefer to room alone if at all possible because I need that escape time at night after being social all day.

  8. Blog conferences are a great way to meet new people, and sleeping with strangers is a great way to save money and make lifetime connections!

  9. Great rooming with you at Fitbloggin’ 13. I agree that it’s such a great opportunity to meet new people. Between night sweats and my restless legs, not sure anyone wants to be in a bed WITH me though. LOL!

  10. FitBloggin’ was so fun and it was great to meet you!

  11. Glad you had so much fun, and well done on being brave and sleeping with strangers. Although I think as soon as you arrive at Fitbloggin everyone automatically becomes your friend.
    Was great to meet you and I look forward to meeting you again next year, or when you move nearer 😉

    • That is true. So many people are friendly. I love attending conferences. Yes, Sarah…I will see you soon. I’m expecting some almonds, haha.

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