DIY Scarecrow Wreath

Halloween might be my favorite holiday to decorate for, but I have a not so secret obsession with wreaths. I have a wreath for almost every single door in my house and enough to change the wreaths every two weeks on my outside door. Since Halloween is quickly approaching I pulled out this Scarecrow Wreath because they remind me of fall and of harvest time. I usually display him outside for a few weeks after Halloween and inside now until Thanksgiving.

DIY Scarecrow Wreath

When I was a Finance Manager working 80 hour weeks my mom would watch my kids during the days and do so many fun things with them. I love that about my mom. She is so hands on and lets kids be kids. It has always been something I have struggled with. I dropped my kids off at her house at 8am and when I came back to pick them up at 8pm they had made this cute scarecrow wreath for me to hang on our door.

So if you want to make the beautiful scarecrow wreath my mom made, you will need:

  • a med sized Styrofoam wreath
  • 1/2 yard of plaid material (for shirt)
  • burlap (for head)
  • felt hat
  • gloves
  • 2 buttons (for eyes)
  • a pipe cleaner (for mouth)
  • a piece of leather (for nose)
  • newspaper/packing paper (for stuffing)
  • raffia (for tying and straw)
  • small faux pumpkin
  • hot glue gun

Start by wrapping the plaid around the wreath loosely, like a gigantic sleeve and glue the seam together. Be careful to leave the top and bottom unattached to make a cuff for the gloves to slide in underneath. My mom tied raffia around each sleeve 3 inches from the bottoms to hold the material in place. She then cut slits in the cuff to make it look torn.

hands of the scarecrow

Crumple up paper for stuffing and stuff the gloves and center of the burlap piece to make a head. Tie the stuffing into the burlap with raffia. The head of the scarecrow wreath is puffy, while still being flat in shape to sandwich between our storm door. Slip the hat onto the burlap head.

head of scarecrow

Next glue on the button eyes, leather scrap nose and pipe cleaner mouth. You may want to touch a bead of glue under the edge of the hat to keep it on. Glue the burlap head to the top of the wreath, keeping in mind the sleeve openings need to be at the bottom and the glue seam should be at the back. Slip the gloves under the sleeve edge and glue into place. Make sure to keep in mind how your hands would look as you attach them..thumbs up, pinkies in. Glue the faux pumpkin into the palms of the gloves (I just noticed that the pumpkin in the picture has come unglued and is unnaturally floating in a single glove).

Lastly tuck some raffia into the fold of the hat to add to the scarecrow effect.

Since then we have added two more kids to our family and they don’t get to spend nearly that amount of time with my mom. Now I stay home and we have moved far away. That means the fun mom has to be me. Today we thought we would try to put together a girl scarecrow wreath on a tight budget…okay, non existent budget because of the government furlough. I realize it looks like Pinterest gone wrong. She needs some tweaking, but not bad for items on hand. I will have to replace the plaid shirt and button eyes because the scarecrow wreath is even scaring me, haha.

DIY Steps to making a Scarecrow Wreath

The steps for making my budget friendly girl scarecrow are pretty similar. Items needed:

  • Wreath of any type on hand
  • any plaid clothing on hand
  • something light colored for the face
  • buttons for eyes (I used chipboard buttons)
  • scrap for the nose (I used chipboard)
  • Ribbon for mouth
  • Raffia
  • pins (I was out of glue sticks)
  • gloves
  • hat
  • newspaper for stuffing
  • Item to hold (we used a flower, hence a girl scarecrow wreath)

I didn’t have any burlap in the house so I used my daughter’s homemade silky polyester pjs and I was out of plaid material so I borrowed my husband’s shirt. I couldn’t bring myself to cut it up so I just wrapped it around the wreath and pinned it into place.

I slipped the gloves under a fold in the shirt from wrapping and pinned them into place. We then pinned the flower into place.

We tied the head onto the wreath from the ribbon we used around the neck because I didn’t have enough raffia in house.

Not every memory making moment has to turn out Pinterest perfect.

Do you have a project that was more disaster then you had hoped?


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    My daughter and I made a wreath last fall with flowers and a grape vine wreath from JoAnns. It’s all fall colored and goes out in September and stays in place until after Thanksgiving!

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