Crafting a Merry Mantle Sign {with Oriental Trading}


Have you ever wondered what you can do with your fancy tissue paper and wrapping paper?

I always save the tissue paper from bagged gifts and shopping trips.  I recently cleaned out my wrapping paper boxes (yes, I have multiple) in the basement and found that I have been holding onto a few pieces of wrapping paper from my wedding thirteen years ago! It was slightly disturbing.

During the holidays my favorite boutique wraps all my finds in fun red and black tissue paper. When I saw it, I knew I needed to show it off. When I was perusing Oriental Trading, I noticed quite a few things that would make fun projects. I know in the past I have only thought of them as bulk kid foam projects, so I was out to prove that idea wrong. Oriental Trading can deliver some cool projects at affordable prices.

Wooden Merry Sign from Oriental Trading

The items you will need:

Merry Mantle Sign
Mod Podge
Red Chalkboard Paint
Printed Tissue Paper
Something to cover the work surface
Sand paper if needed for rough edges

Products needed to create a Merry Mantle Sign

Step 1: planning out what letters will be painted and covered with what print.

When I went shopping at Oriental Trading I had certain projects in mind, except this one. I ordered the red chalk paint to do teacher gifts with and mod podge for some canvas. It just turned out that they really fit this project.

Step 2: paint front and sides

Painting chalkboard paint

Step 3: cover with mod podge and tissue paper or any other paper that you like.

Working with Mod Podge is like pouring glue all over everything and hoping you don’t glue your fingers to your eyes! It is messy. It is fun. It is forgiving. The tissue paper might tear and pull, but it will look good and blend well. I used tissue paper, but you can use any type of paper. This step works well here because you can hide all the spots you accidentally painted and won’t ruin in any of the following steps.

Using mod Podge and tissue paper to decorate a wooden sign

Step 4: trace the letter out on burlap and then cut just inside the line. Cut strips to line the outside and inside edges. Attach with the mod podge because it drys clear. Burlap is in this season and it is easy to piece together because of the weave.

Step 5: Dry and Done

Finished Merry Mantle Sign

The great thing about the Chalkboard paint is you can change the M and the R with a little white chalk. I thought it would be fun to have the kids write little messages to Santa.

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