Selfie of MeganWelcome to MNMSpecial!
Megan is a domesticated type mom for four that left a career in finance to follow her love of fitness, crafts and food on a journey around the western United States with her husband of 14 years. She loves to organize closets and drawers, paint and do DIY projects around the house and sleep in.

MNMSpecial Mom’s New Moments is an assemblage of adventures, recipes crafts and reviews from our family to yours. Megan started blogging with the sole purpose of finding the best products for her family, but it has evolved into a lifestyle change for a healthier family. She will share her joys, heartaches, successes and fails as they test, taste and report the outcomes.

Megan has had her back fused and lost a significant amount of weight since that time. She is a Beachbody Coach that loves to workout and help others on their journey. She is also a Co-Founder of Fitspiration For Moms LLC.

She loves to create oil paintings, holiday crafts, and cards. She recently rejoined Stampin Up as a demonstrator and is loving all the coordinating ink and paper. If it can be painted, glues or bedazzled she is willing to try it.

Megan found her love for cooking and baking when her youngest was only a few months old over 11 years ago. Over the last few years she has learned to adapt her cooking to account for her family’s allergy issues, including her own. Combined they are Corn free, Dairy/Casein Free, Soy Free, Almond Free, Peanut Free and Pea Free. She has found that certain foods evoke some erratic behavior in the household.

She enjoys attending health centered events, meeting up with friends and blogging events and (hopefully) inspiring others through her blog and speaking oportunities.

Megan grew up in Idaho surrounded by family and friends. After 16 moves they are ready to establish roots, make new friends and build their extended family in a return to Northern California.